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Maine Coast Insurance Agency 

Committed to helping you protect your Personal and Commercial Interests in Maine and beyond!

Property & Casualty (Liability) and Life & Health Insurance Independent Agency

Maine Coast Insurance Agency / Insurance Pro's Inc is independently owned and operated by licensed Agent/Owner, Lornie Smith and his team of insurance professionals.

Maine Coast Insurance Agency/Insurance Pro's Inc was founded in 2015 as an Independent Property & Casualty as well as Life & Health Insurance Agency.  We provide customized solutions for individuals and businesses in the State of Maine as well as several other US states. We operate as "Insurance Pro's Inc" in other states served outside of Maine. We have recently added Massachusetts and Florida as states we are licensed and write business in.  In Massachusetts we operate under the name of New England Insurance Specialists.  We are excited about each of these expansions as we know we have many snowbirds and people with connections to Massachusetts in our network.  Help spread the word you can have the same agent for your insurance needs if you are in one of these states part of the year.  We believe in utilizing state of the art technology to help run our business and we also believe in developing strong relationships with our insureds and our industry partners by bringing that personal touch to the business that a lot of the larger agencies have gone away from. Call or click and experience the difference for yourself! We pride ourselves on Prompt, Professional service!

Why Us?

Why us? That's always an important question to ask when deciding who to do business with. At Maine Coast Insurance/ Insurance Pro's Inc, will we will take the time to meet with prospects and customers on their terms and we strive to make the experience as easy and understandable as possible for the policyholder. We are not a 9-5, punch the clock, collect a check agency. We get out and meet you on your terms. Available when you need us to be. We believe in developing an understanding of your needs and priorities first, so we can develop and implement an insurance program that will truly fit your specific needs and goals. Contact us today and see for yourself!